HMI/SCADA Systems Corporation provides Services for Human Machine Interface and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems. These services are primarily provided to manufacturing companies the applications many time bridge the Information Systems and Manufacturing Systems. From the Sensor to the Board Room. We are a consulting firm, specializing in Specification, Design, Implementation and Support, of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) and associated applications for the Process and Discreet manufacturing.

Custom application development
Our consulting team has a wealth of vertical industry experience that they can bring to bear on partner and end user efforts to develop specialized applications around IWS. Our consultants can help you develop this specialized software in applications such as power generation and distribution, gas and liquids pipelines, rail and metro transportation and water/wastewater applications.

Vertical industry SCADA experience coupled with an intimate knowledge of the IWS development environment can ensure a faster time to market for partner applications as well as faster implementation for end users. We ensure that your application makes the best possible use of the powerful IWS API and allows the best possible support as IWS is upgraded throughout the lifecycle of your application.

Real-time SCADA system design
Coupled with our standard IWS product training courses, this consulting service offers superior value for new end users and new channel partners. For these organizations, our consulting team can offer their wealth of experience in the implementation of SCADA systems and their intimate knowledge of IWS’s powerful features. These services can be very valuable in reducing the risk and cost of any significant SCADA project.

Manufacturer Authorized Training and Services

Through a mutual agreement, HMI/SCADA provides Manufacturer Authorized training and Services for Indusoft, IVC Displays and Nematron Corporation. We are available to assist other software manufacturers deliver training content to their customers, sales force, distributors and representatives.


Customized Training Curriculums

HMI/SCADA provides comprehensive services to develop training classes that will meet or exceed your requirements. Regardless of the audience or medium, HMI/SCADA has the skills and experience to effectively present highly technical information in a interesting way.


Web Training Example

training seminars

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